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I was immediately happy about it. Usually, most of our life is spent ignoring simple things, such as shaking a bottle. You think the protein shaker blender bottle can work until the protein shaker blender doesn’t work, or something works better in my case. I found that the portable electric protein shaker bottle generally needs less shaking. This may not mean much to most people, but I like to know that I can complete a perfectly mixed milkshake in less than 2 minutes. The accompanying mixing tablets changed the rules of the game. Such a simple concept, but the effect is excellent. There are no more lumps in the shaking.
The included handle can be easily clamped on the bag or carried with you and separated from the cover, so you don’t have to worry about the electric shaker cup being pulled away at any time. The protein shaker blender bottle is actually leak proof, because even in extreme cases, I can’t let the best protein shaker bottle leak.
An underestimated function of vortex blender bottle is design. I like the brand to be quiet. I can’t say portable electric protein shaker bottle. I absolutely don’t mind marketing huel, because I have used the protein shake blender bottle for nearly two years and found that the glass protein shaker cup is a special dietary substitute with great taste.
It has been my first choice for a long time. I usually choose some simple things, such as milk and milk powder, but if the protein shake blender bottle thickens with something like yogurt, blenderbolt will continue to maintain. I experienced some graininess with pure powder, but nothing else. So what I want to say is that portable electric protein shaker bottle can usually create a stable milkshake for your exercise.
The snap closure is as reliable as they claim. Once you tighten the lid and hear the lid click, you can shake the portable electric protein shaker bottle in any way without worrying about any leakage. But it’s very important to hear the lid click, otherwise the electric shaker bottle will almost certainly open and make a mess on your wall (trust me… I know)
In terms of cleaning, if I rinse immediately after drinking, I can usually rinse quickly after drinking. Most drinks are very clean, but it’s also easy to sponge and clean the protein shake blender bottle.
There’s nothing to say about the durability, because I didn’t let the Fanny shaker bottles experience too much pain, but I’ve dropped the small blender bottle several times without any damage. The quality is excellent!