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Girls will better implement the weight loss plan after they make it. Making a plan before weight loss can also make everyone exercise more consciously. However, many people have just started construction and don’t know what plan to make. Next, let’s learn what the fitness plan of women’s gym is! If you don’t know, let’s get to know it!

Jog for half an hour on Monday

Jogging has been sweating as the benchmark, with diet: eggs + milk for breakfast, chicken breast + vegetable salad for lunch, and a piece of corn for dinner. On the premise of matching the diet, we jog properly every day, and jogging can also help everyone’s body temperature rise, and make the elasticity between muscles better after exercise. If the muscles are tired, it can also alleviate the fatigue and viscosity of muscles. However, jogging does not need everyone to sweat, Just feel that you can stop sweating, but if you want to lose weight, you’d better stick to it for more than half an hour, so you don’t have to run too fast. After jogging, you should also add some stretching exercises. Chest expansion and waist and abdomen rotation can also be added.

Exercise your lower limbs with the equipment of the body building room on Wednesday

Do stretching exercises and eat with breakfast: oatmeal, Lunch: low calorie Bento (half a bowl of rice + chicken breast + broccoli), dinner: Apple + a piece of whole wheat bread. The most important thing of this sport is that we should pay more attention to the use of strength. At the beginning, we can use lighter strength, and then slowly increase the weight after a long exercise. In the process of exercise, we will also feel the strength of our thighs, not us The crus can also exercise some heel lifting exercises according to their own conditions. In fact, this sport is to lift the heel, which can help everyone shape the crus under the condition of thigh exercise. It is most suitable to do 30 classes every day. After finishing, you must pat your body to relax and then continue to exercise.

Train your psoas and ABS on Friday

Sit ups with diet, diet, breakfast: milk + a piece of whole wheat bread, lunch: black pepper steak + skimmed pasta, dinner: steamed sweet potato. You should know that the essentials of sit ups are relatively simple, but this exercise can help you exercise the muscles of the waist and abdomen. In the process of sit ups, when we bounce onto the floor, it’s best not to touch the shoulder with the ground, that is, the body should be suspended, so as to feel the tension of the body muscles, Pause a little and get up again. Do 4 groups 10 times a day.

Do chest enlargement with small dumbbells on Sunday

Dumbbell breast enlargement with diet, breakfast: sugar free oats, lunch: macaroni, dinner: a piece of corn. When making dumbbells and expanding chest, we must completely control dumbbells, so we should choose lighter dumbbells to exercise first, and then use heavier ones after better control. 15 times at a time, 4 groups a day.

The above collocation scheme is more suitable for girls to exercise in the gym, and there are also dietary collocations. You can follow the dietary collocation, which will be more effective.