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Many people want to help themselves gain muscle, because without muscle, they look very thin and weak. If you can exercise and make your muscles become more, your body will be better, and at the same time, your body will also be exercised and become better. Then let’s take a look at the plans for solicitation five days a week?


You can start exercising your chest and triceps on Monday. You can eat whole wheat bread for breakfast, tuna for lunch and sweet potato for dinner. This has a good effect on increasing muscle. These two parts exercise muscles, which will make the body shape more beautiful in the future. Practicing chest muscle movements, such as flat barbell bench press, parallel bar arm flexion and extension, as well as single shoes, barbell bench press, dumbbell birds and gantry chest clamping, can exercise chest muscles more shapely and increase muscle. If you want your arm muscles to be more developed and want to exercise the triceps, you should use narrow bench press, rope press, dumbbell arm flexion and extension, parallel bar arm flexion and extension, etc.


Exercise leg and shoulder muscles on Tuesday. Eat a banana for breakfast, macaroni with some vegetables for lunch, and coarse grains such as corn for dinner. There are many leg exercises, such as squatting, leg flexion and extension, supine leg bending and lifting, which can help you develop the quadriceps femoris of your legs. If you want to exercise your shoulders, you should exercise the deltoid. There are many actions that can exercise the deltoid, such as dumbbell push, dumbbell side flat lift, barbell push, leaning dumbbell bird and so on.


Start exercising your back and biceps on Wednesday. Eat sandwiches for breakfast, chicken breast for lunch, and a piece of whole wheat bread and apples for dinner. In addition, the exercise of latissimus dorsi is very important. We can cooperate with the exercise of chest muscles to make our side muscles look stronger. In fact, the best way to exercise our back is to pull up, which should be familiar to everyone. In addition to pull-up, there are also high pull-down, barbell rowing and dumbbell rowing. Most rowing movements can help you develop your latissimus dorsi muscle. Biceps brachii exercise can also use pull-up, barbell bending and dumbbell bending.


After three days of practice from Monday to Wednesday, everyone’s muscles will also be in a state of fatigue and need to be repaired. The muscles will grow through continuous movement and tearing, but we also need to rest during the period, so we will stay for a rest on Thursday, and then continue to exercise our chest muscles and triceps on Friday.


Repeat Wednesday’s exercise and diet on Saturday. It’s appropriate to practice five times a week, emphasize your chest and back, triceps and biceps, and set aside two days to rest.

From the analysis of the article, we can see that it is basically very necessary to practice every Friday. If you want to exercise your muscles, you need not only long-term exercise, but also a period of time to recover your muscles.