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Bobby jump is actually a very good sport, because it combines a lot of sports, and there is another name called standing and lying support. Standing and lying support can actually exercise to many parts, but it is also difficult, so many people give up. However, if such people still want to do Bobby jump, they can try the primary Bobby jump. Next, let’s take a look at what the primary Bobby jump should do?

  1. How many Bobby jumps do beginners do

Beginners don’t know much about fitness at the beginning, so you can do the primary Bobby jump at the beginning. In fact, there are two kinds of primary Bobby jump. One is to do five bobbies each time, and then rest for 30 seconds. This sport needs to be repeated 15 times. Another is to try to do the most possible Bobbi jump in 45 seconds. The more times, the better the effect will be. In the middle, you also need to rest for 30 seconds. 15 are a cycle, that is, 15 groups. This number is more suitable for beginners. If you are not satisfied with these sports, you can increase a certain number yourself.

  1. Other practices of Bobby jump

The above sports are actually for beginners. If your physical quality is better, even beginners can increase some quantity appropriately. Or after finishing the Bobbi jump for a period of time, you feel that your physical quality has been improved, so you can use the following methods. The first is a way without rest, that is, you don’t have to stop or rest until your strength is exhausted and you can’t do it. The other is to keep doing Bobby exercise without rest until you have done 100 times. In fact, these two kinds of sports are very challenging and reflect people’s physical quality. If you feel very tired in the process of doing, you should also stop. Otherwise, it will become laborious and thankless because the sports effect reaches the limit.

  1. How long is it recommended for beginners of Bobby jump every day

The body of beginners is still in a state that they can’t adapt at once. Therefore, when they just started to contact Bobby jump, it is very large because of this sport. At the beginning, it is more suitable for everyone to do 15 to 20 minutes a day. If they can do more than 20 minutes a day, it is also possible, but try not to exceed half an hour. After you have been in contact for a period of time, you can slowly increase the time of Bobby ticket, or fix the time of Bobby jump, but increase the number of Bobby jumps during this period, which will improve the exercise efficiency and save you a lot of time.

In fact, Bobby jump can help you adjust the balance of the whole body. If your muscle development is unbalanced, you can also adjust it through this exercise, but you must also pay attention to moderate exercise.