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Because many people are in a resource-poor situation, we find that many people are particularly attracted to high-calorie foods. This has also led to the gradual increase of obesity in many people’s bodies. We’d better eat less of these high-fat, high-calorie foods when we eat. So what do you think are the high-fat, high-calorie foods? Let’s go to the fitness food to have a look!

What are the high fat and high calorie foods

French fries and chips

These chips and crisps are made from potatoes, but when they’re ready, they’ve lost their nutritional value, leaving them mostly salt and fat. And this kind of food can not stop eating, not fat ah.

Fruit juice drinks

All kinds of fruit juice drinks, especially cola, although it is made of fruit, but it adds a lot of sugar, often like to drink fruit juice drinks, especially juice drinks as water, the most easy to gain weight.

Red meat

All kinds of red meat, such as beef, pork, ribs and other red meat part, the calorie is particularly high, often like to eat these food people are the most easy to gain fat. And these foods are often difficult to digest, will increase the burden of the stomach, is not healthy for the body.

Processed meat

Ham, hot dogs and other cold processed meat contain a large amount of oil, which is not conducive to human health and is also a high calorie food.

What are the high fat and high calorie foods

Partial dairy products

Cheese and butter and other processed by them into a variety of sugars, bread, there are a lot of western food, are made by cheese and butter to do, there are a lot of milk sugar, the heat is also particularly high, the most easy to make people fat.


All kinds of sweets, biscuits, cakes and so on, too much sugar intake is also easy to turn into fat, so it is best not to eat or eat less sweet food.

A variety of fine grain

Refined grains, which have been processed by humans and have been stripped of the husk and bran, taste better but are much less nutritious and contain a lot of starch that can easily be turned into fat.

Fried food

Fried dough sticks, fried fish and other fried food are basically eating fat. If you lack exercise at ordinary times, it is easier to gain weight. We in life, diet must pay attention to, no matter how good things can not eat too much, want to lose weight, these high calorie food or do not eat.