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We all think that vegetables are very low in calories, so many people like to tell others to eat less meat and more vegetables when having a meal. People think meat is high in calories and will make us fat, but there are also some vegetables that are high in calories. Do you know what vegetables are high in calories? Let’s go to the fitness food to have a look!

High-calorie foods Vegetables these foods have more calories than rice


Potatoes provide 17.8g of carbohydrates per 100g, and steamed potatoes are eaten as a staple in western cuisine. Potatoes contain 81 calories per 100g, but a plate of shredded potatoes fried in oil increases to 115 calories, about the same as a bowl of rice. If reoccupy potato silk mix rice to eat, be equal to a meal to eat two bowls of rice, double quantity of heat is obviously not conducive to reducing weight.


100 grams of peas have 133 calories and 27 grams of carbohydrates, making them a high-starch vegetable. Although pea is delicious, conduce to eduction body redundant moisture, but carbon water content is higher than rice even, unfavorable act as reducing weight vegetable to eat. Peas and staple food can only eat one, and to control a good amount, otherwise easy to cause obesity.

High-calorie foods Vegetables these foods have more calories than rice


The main ingredient in taro is starch, which is equivalent to the staple food we eat. Therefore, eating more taro is not recommended. Not only that, taro sugar content is relatively high, heat and sugar will increase after cooking, easy to raise blood sugar. If you eat taro, it is recommended to reduce the amount of the corresponding staple food, 100 grams of taro to reduce 25 grams of staple food, to ensure stable blood sugar.

Lotus root

Lotus root is a vegetable for both medicinal and food use, with seven holes and nine holes. The outer skin of seven-hole lotus root is brown and yellow, with short and coarse appearance. This kind of lotus root has higher starch content, less water and is waxy but not brittle, which is suitable for soup and stew. Nine-hole lotus root has smooth skin, slender body, high water content and crisp juice. It is most suitable for cold or stir-fry. Seven-hole lotus root is often used to make stewed ribs with lotus root, which is very popular with people. Don’t eat too much.