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Eating at night is also very important. If we eat too much at night, it will not only make it difficult to sleep, but also cause a great burden on our intestines and stomach. When it comes to working out, we need to be more careful about what we eat after a night out. So what do you think the fitness diet should have for dinner? Let’s go to the fitness food to have a look!

Fitness diet What are you eating for dinner, three meals a day

Fitness Diet What’s for dinner

Fitness reduces fat dinner to be able to eat right amount a few banana, potato, vegetable, melon fruit, bean product, milk kind wait for food.

A, banana

Sweating during exercise, the body’s electrolytes will lose potassium, which is important for cell activity, so it is important to replenish potassium after exercise. Bananas are rich in potassium, which is beneficial to supplement after exercise. At the same time, banana intake in the body, the final decomposition of the substance is alkaline, conducive to the acid alkaline balance in the body.

Second, potatoes,

The energy consumed during exercise is mainly provided by carbohydrates, while the carbohydrate reserves in the body are very limited. After exercise, carbohydrates stored in the body before are almost consumed, so carbohydrates should be replenished in time after exercise. The high quality of carbohydrates in potatoes makes them a great choice for post-exercise carb supplements.

Vegetables, melons and fruits, soybean products, milk

Vegetables, fruits, soy products, milk, this is the food in the body after the metabolism of alkaline, can neutralize the acidity released by the body after exercise, eliminate fatigue, protect the body.

Fitness diet What are you eating for dinner, three meals a day

Reduced-fat diet three meals a day

Recipe 1:

1260 calorie fat reduction meal. Breakfast (349 calories) : pumpkin pie, fried zucchini, skim milk.

Lunch (about 509 calories) : brown rice rice ball, chicken roll with cabbage, scrambled egg with tomato, peach.

Dinner (402 kcal) : cold soba noodles, nut yogurt.

Diet 2:

1210 calories diet. Breakfast (about 466 calories) : whole wheat bread, scrambled okra with eggs, skim milk, grapes.

Lunch (about 387 kcal) : brown rice, braised chicken leg, braised mushroom with rape, cherry tomatoes.

Dinner (about 357 calories) : homemade sugar-free yogurt, corn, nuts, cold dishes.

Recipe 3:

1283 calories reduced-fat meal. Breakfast (about 373 kcal) : skimmed milk, cabbage baked eggs, glutinous rice cake with purple potato, lychee.

Lunch (about 580 calories) : Cobb salad, yogurt.

Dinner (about 330 kcal) : multi-grain congee, braised radish, peach.