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In the training movement, the training effect of each movement is very good, and the training position of each method is different. At the same time, during the training, you can choose the method according to your needs. I believe someone knows what the girl’s back movement is with bare hands. So, what are the three best moves for girls to practice their back with their bare hands? Let’s take a look.

Plate support

Plate support

If you want to train your back muscles, you will generally choose to use the fitness equipment in the gym, so that the effect of exercise will be more obvious. However, if the conditions are limited, we can also choose to train at home. Flat support is an effective action. We only need a yoga mat at home. First of all, we need to lie on the yoga mat, let our elbows and feet touch the ground at four points, and support our body to do the flat support action, which can effectively open our back. The general action lasts for more than 30 seconds.


Push ups are also very effective actions to exercise our back muscles. First of all, we need to be ready. When we start to exercise, our arms can choose narrow distance or wide distance. The standard is based on the distance between our shoulders. When doing this action, we need to be able to stick to it, and the action should be in place. Generally, we need to complete more than 30 actions at a time as a group.

Pull up

Pull up is also a very effective action for us to exercise our back muscles, but the action is difficult. If we are at home, we can choose the door frame to complete it, but we should pay attention to safety. First of all, we need to grasp the door frame and hold our hands tightly so that our body can leave the ground and lift our head upward. The higher the better, it is best to exceed the door frame. One action requires us to complete at least 15 pull ups, which is difficult.