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Being able to have a perfect Mermaid line is always one of the criteria for a good figure. The mermaid line is always related to the lower abdominal muscles. If you practice well here, you’ll look sexy in your pants. However, the lower abdominal muscles are usually easy to be ignored. After all, it is relatively close to private parts, and it is rarely shown to people at ordinary times. However, fitness is for your own good health, and whether you can see or not is secondary. Next, let’s take a look at how to practice the lower abdominal muscles.

Supine leg lift

Reverse coiling

If you want to practice the lower abdominal muscles well, first of all, we can consider reverse abdominal curling. Although positive abdominal curling is also very good for exercising the abdominal muscles, it mainly exercises the upper part of the abdominal muscles, and the stimulation to the lower part of the abdominal muscles is not very obvious. So if we want to train the lower abdominal muscles, we’d better choose reverse abdominal curling. The specific method is to lie on the ground, curl up two legs, push hard to the chest, bend and straighten the legs, and the range of movement can be larger each time, so as to have a good effect on muscle exercise.

Supine leg lift

Supine leg lifting is also a good way to train lower abdominal muscles. Exercise is also very simple. First of all, we need to lie on the ground, and then close our legs together, tighten our muscles, slowly lift our legs into the air, and try to raise them a little. We can feel the tightness of our muscles. But there is one thing to pay attention to in this action, that is, friends with knee and lumbar problems should not do this action, which may aggravate the disease. You can do reverse abdominal curling instead, and the effect is the same.

Suspension leg lift

When it comes to lower abdominal muscle training methods, suspension leg lifting is certainly indispensable. Generally speaking, this exercise can not only exercise waist and abdomen muscles, but also have a certain effect on thin legs. The specific approach is to hang yourself on the horizontal bar, with your feet off the ground, and then close your legs together, tighten your muscles, and try to lift up. It is best to lift to a right angle. If you can’t, you can go step by step.