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For fitness lovers, intercostal muscles may be easy to ignore. For the chest and abdomen, people will pay more attention to the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor and abdominal muscles. At most, they will pay attention to the anterior serratus muscle, but intercostal muscles are also very important. They have a great impact on a person’s overall image. If they practice well, they will also make the body look harmonious and have better lines, At the same time, it can also better protect the ribs and lower organs. So how should we train intercostal muscles? Let’s have a look.

Unilateral dumbbell lift

Method 1: unilateral dumbbell lifting

In fact, for intercostal muscle training, unilateral dumbbell lifting is a relatively conservative and common action. It’s also very simple. You don’t have to go to the gym. As long as you have a pair of dumbbells, you can do it at home. The specific method is to hold the dumbbell in one hand, hang it naturally on the side of the body, then lift the arm, draw a semicircle from the side of the body, and slowly lift it to the top of the head. During the whole movement, you will feel that the intercostal muscles are stretched. After lifting it to the top of the head, stop for a while, then put it down and start to do the other side.

Method 2: Russian swivel

When it comes to exercising intercostal muscles, Russian rotation is also a good action. It can exercise intercostal muscles, waist and abdomen muscles and enhance the strength of core muscles. The specific method is that we lie on our backs, close our legs together, bend our knees, and stick the center of our feet to the ground, then put our hands behind our heads, open our arms, try to lift our body with the strength of our upper body, and lean to one side when we get up, so as to stretch the intercostal muscles to a certain extent. Those with rich experience can also hold dumbbells in their hands to increase the load.

Method 3: Yoga wind blowing tree pose

Many male friends will think that doing yoga is a woman’s patent, and may be a little exclusive in their heart. However, if men properly do some simple yoga movements, they will not only help stretch the ligaments, but also make the muscles grow faster. Therefore, some movements are still worth learning. For example, yoga wind blowing tree pose is very helpful to exercise intercostal muscles.