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When it comes to fitness, many people’s first reaction is that a group of people are sweating hard in the gym, but in fact, if you really want to fitness, have a good figure and make yourself healthier, you don’t have to spend so much time and effort using equipment. Especially for beginners, only use self weight, do not need to bear too much weight, and you can also practice strong muscles. For example, if you practice triceps, you can use the method of self weight exercise. Let’s take a look at it together.

Parallel bar arm flexion and extension

Method 1: parallel bar arm flexion and extension

Parallel bar arm flexion and extension is a good way to exercise triceps brachii. When doing the arm flexion and extension of the parallel bar, first hold the parallel bar with your backhand, and then try to pull yourself off the ground with the strength of your arm. When doing it, the triceps will feel a certain degree of stretching, keep this feeling for a few seconds, then fall to the ground, and start the next group. This action can not only exercise the triceps, but also the deltoid and chest muscles. Keep practicing, It can make the shoulders thicker and the arms stronger.

Method 2: supine back support

Supine back support is also a good way to exercise triceps brachii. Especially for those who don’t have the time and energy to go to the gym. This action can be done at home without any equipment. The specific method is to prepare two benches or chairs, put your feet on the chairs, hang your body in the air, get stuck between the two chairs, and support your upper body with the help of your arms. Keep the forearm perpendicular to the ground and the forearm parallel. The body can keep a certain angle with the ground. During movement, with the help of the change of the angle of the forearm and forearm, it will strongly stimulate the triceps brachii.

Method 3: narrow push ups

Push ups can also stimulate the triceps, and this is a good self weight exercise method, but the general push ups actually have a better effect on the chest and biceps. If you want to exercise the triceps, when doing push ups, the distance between your hands must be a little narrower than usual.