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There are many training methods for a person to exercise the vertical spine muscle. Among these training methods, some methods have good results, and some methods have general effects. There is stress in exercising the vertical spine muscle. I believe some people still understand how to exercise the vertical spine muscle. So, what are the exercise methods of erector spinae muscle? Let’s get to know!

ContraLateral Superman

ContraLateral Superman

  1. Lie on your stomach, stretch your body, and fully extend your legs and arms around. Lengthen your spine, stretch your arms, shoulders and legs slightly off the ground.
  2. Tighten the abdomen and buttocks, keep the neck and spine in a straight line, slowly raise the left hand and right leg, return to the horizontal line, change the right hand and left leg, always keep the legs and hands off the ground, and exercise the back muscles and buttocks.

Prone back extension

Prone back extension

  1. Keep the angle between Chin and neck.
  2. Control the movement rhythm.
  3. Keep your abdomen close to the ground.

Quadruped swimming

  1. Keep balance.
  2. Keep your abdomen close to the ground.
  3. Swing the limbs on the opposite side and try not to touch the ground.

Supine straight leg rotation

  1. Continuous abdominal tension.
  2. Turn the leg 45 degrees to the ground.
  3. Keep movement coordination and coherence.
  4. Keep your shoulders off the ground.

Erector spinalis stretch

  1. Stretch your arms forward and relax.
  2. Put your forehead on the cushion.