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When we look at a person, we will inevitably see his chest. Having strong chest muscles is the dream of many people. Exercising the chest muscles can not only improve a person’s overall temperament, but also consume everyone’s fat. Generally, we use equipment when training the chest, so is there any way to train the chest muscles with or without equipment? Let’s talk about it today!

  1, wide-arm push-ups
   Place your hands on a position wider than your shoulders, tighten your whole body and buttocks to keep your body stable, raise your knees, and bend your elbows to lower your body toward the floor. When you are close to the floor, your head and shoulders should move forward, as close to the floor as possible, then push your chest to the floor, keep your body tense, and move your body from the floor back to the starting position. This action will use more chest power!

  2, Parker push-ups
   Raise your hips high, protruding posture, straight back, and your top of your head facing down (to make your body present a triangle shape) This movement can be effectively practiced to the upper chest and shoulders.

  3, Russian push-ups
   Put your hands on the ground or parallel bars, move your shoulders forward, raise your feet, keep your legs together, keep your body level, and keep your head, torso, and legs in a straight line. Extend your arms as much as possible and lock your elbow joints. Move your shoulders as far forward as possible to find a balance point. Tighten the anterior deltoid muscles, waist muscles, gluteal muscles, and hind leg muscles as much as possible.

   4. Parallel bars crank arm extension
   When the body is leaning forward, the elbows are outward and the shoulder blades are retracted. The training focus is on the lower part of the pectoralis; when the body is vertical, the elbows are retracted, and the training focus is on the triceps.