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The biceps of the arm is a muscle that many people use when exercising, so we’d better stretch the biceps before exercising. Only in this way can you have a better experience during the exercise and avoid physical damage to a certain extent. So do you know what the biceps stretch is? Let’s go see it together!

Biceps stretch

   Posture 1: Posture key points: Extend one arm, extend the arm straight from both sides of the human body, until the arms and shoulders are on a level surface, and the palms of the hands are up. With the other hand squeezing the outstretched palm in the opposite direction and holding it down, you will feel a significant stretch of the biceps.

Posture 2: Point of posture: Find an object with a floor plan, or a stretching frame, back to the frame, and extend the arm that stretches the biceps, and press the palm of your hand down on the floor plan, the human body is slightly forward After stretching, the body gradually squats down, so that the biceps will feel a significant stretch.

   Posture 3: Posture points: Starting from the downward dog pose, straighten your feet and slightly open them, hold your hands on the ground, and let your head hang down naturally. Raise your right knee toward your face, step on your right foot between your hands, and your body is in a low lunge posture. Return your palms between your feet, raise your hands up, your arms against your ears. Make your right knee at ninety degrees. Don’t go forward over the knee. The knee is perpendicular to the ankle. Change your foot after maintaining the movement for three breaths.

  The stretching movement should be in place, the movement is slow, and the muscles are fully felt stretched to ensure that the movement is effective. The arm exercise is more intense, so don’t neglect the stretching exercises and compromise the fitness effect. What needs to be clear is that each arm exercise will increase the excitement of the muscles to a high degree. From a health point of view, the arm muscles should not be exercised too frequently. It should be 3-4 times a week to give the muscles plenty of time to recover.