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When I first got this, I immediately thought of the quality of the protein shaker electric. The quality of the protein shaker Electric is great. I really think there is a problem with the cover, because I put the blender bottle shaker on the back seat of my car. When the protein shaker electric overturned, the protein shaker electric began to leak. Don’t worry, because I found that the cover didn’t leak, You just need to press hard until you hear a click. I just turn off the protein shaker electric, so there is no leakage. Surprisingly, the blender bottle shaker in the cup actually mixes all your powder liquids very well. I really like protein shaker electric. I’m glad I got protein shaker electric. The color is very cute, Completely leak proof and easy to clean. Plus side measurement is very useful!

I drank a lot of protein milkshakes, so there are about six in my family. Protein shaker Electric is easy to carry, easy to clean and great.
Great shake bottle. I mix my powdered protein drink with protein shaker electric every morning. I used to stir my protein powder with a spoon, but I always stick to large pieces of protein. With this protein shaker bottle, I just need to press it gently and everything will disappear. Protein shaker Electric is really easy to use.