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The biceps is a very obvious and very important muscle on the arm. This muscle affects the strength of our arm to a certain extent. Therefore, for many biceps training movements, the frequency of training is very important in movement training. Then you think it is better to practice the biceps every few days. How long is the effective biceps training? Let’s go to muscle exercises. Take a look at the Baodian!

Frequency and duration of biceps training

  Can you practice biceps every day?
can not. If you really want to train the biceps, you must not practice it every day. After all, the muscles also need time to recover and adjust. If you train too much, it will not have the effect of training. Therefore, you must do it once after training. Let’s practice again after a good time adjustment. The principle of muscle growth is to destroy muscle fibers and let them grow again. This process takes a certain amount of time. In addition, the biceps itself can be exercised during chest and back training, and it is not a tolerant muscle. Group, training muscles every day without rest and recovery, not only will not grow muscles, but also may cause muscle fatigue, strain and other injuries.

  Biceps should be practiced once every few days.
   It is good to practice once every 2-3 days. If you exercise the same muscle at high intensity every day, not only will it not grow, but it will also shrink and be injured. However, the normal muscles of the human body will usually take 2-3 days to recover after high-intensity exercise. Therefore, it is recommended that the triceps 2 -Practice once every 3 days.

  How long does biceps training have an effect?
   My biceps swelled when I practiced, but I retracted after a short break after I practiced. I practiced day by day and month by month, but I didn’t see any increase in arm circumference. No matter if you keep increasing weight, increasing the number of exercises or sets, or changing different exercises, you will not see the growth of your biceps. In short, the more you train later, the effect gets worse and worse, the swelling of your biceps will be much worse than before, and sometimes you will even get to the forearm muscles.

Therefore, you cannot simply look at the length of the biceps exercise time. It should combine the frequency of exercise, the correct exercise method and posture, good diet and sleep, generally 3-4 times a week, with coach guidance, comprehensive diet and nutrition, adhere to The shape can be seen in three months, which is the basic muscle contour.