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I believe some people are familiar with the mermaid and dog waist. In fact, Mermaid and dog waist are one of the characteristics of good figure. There are many ways for a person to exercise the mermaid line and the dog’s waist, but the way to exercise the mermaid line and the dog’s waist is different. How can the dog’s waist exercise be the most effective? If you also want to know, let’s continue to look down.
Apollo’s Belt

  1. Mermaid line
    In fact, this part of the mermaid line is not a noun of a part, but there are two lines when connecting the thighs between our abdomen and waist. If the excess fat in the abdomen is removed, we can see the two oblique lines of the mermaid line after regular exercise. The reason why it is called the Mermaid line is that these two oblique lines are very similar to the fish tail, so they are called the mermaid line. These two muscles are shaped through the tearing of abdominal muscles, so they are inseparable from regular exercise. And we must make it clear that this muscle can be exercised only when there is no excess fat in the abdomen, so if you want to exercise the mermaid line, you must lose some weight yourself.
  2. Male dog waist
    The male dog’s waist on the machine does not refer to a certain feature of us, but refers to the male’s chest circumference is relatively large, while the waist circumference is relatively small, and the muscles of the back and hip are relatively thick, and there is no fat at the waist. Just as women feel that their waist is very thin and beautiful, if there is no fat in men’s abdomen, and the muscles in the waist are full, tight and powerful, it is also a symbol of good figure. But this also needs long-term training to see the effect.
  3. The essential difference between Mermaid line and male dog waist
    Generally speaking, mermaid line is the line of our waist, while male dog waist refers to the name of the waist after exercise, so there is still a great difference between the two. In most cases, the mermaid line can only be exercised on the basis of the male dog’s waist, because the standard of the male dog’s waist is that there is no excess fat and fat in the abdomen. Only in this case can the mermaid line be exercised, so we must pay close attention to exercise.