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This is the second one I found after losing the old one during the move. I have used this brand almost every day for many years, and the metal protein shaker has never encountered any problems. The top screw is tightened, and the water outlet cover can still be perfectly sealed. I am always afraid that I will get protein shakes everywhere when I shake it, but so far everything is good!

As I mentioned before, I want the color of the metal protein shaker. I like the color I bought, and I look forward to buying several other colors so I don’t have to worry about carrying a clean shaker bottle with me on the go.
The protein bottle shaker is very suitable for the center console of my car and is absolutely leak-proof. The new design with a round bottom and protective edges seems to perfectly prevent future catastrophic failures.
This is definitely the perfect mixing bottle. I like this handle, so when I wake up in the gym it feels easy to carry… and the protein bottle shaker is easy to clean, and it doesn’t have the unpleasant smell like some other cheaper brands of mixing bottles.
My protein and amino acids are perfectly blended with the included stirring ball. I really like the satisfactory clicking sound when the nozzle is closed… But if the protein bottle shaker is used as a water bottle, the protein bottle shaker is still very easy to open. The size is perfect. This is a simple A+++ for me