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When I used the protein shaker electric for the first time, I pushed the lid down, but the protein bottle shaker did not click into place. It’s all missing. Then I fixed the lid in place with one finger. Still missed. Only after trying a few times did I find that I had to press hard until the lid clicked into place. After that, there was no leak. Good product.
This is one of the products that you think you don’t really need. When you already have something else that can do the same job easily, messing up the kitchen seems like a stupid gadget. You think until you get one. Then you want to know what is wrong with you, you have waited so long, and such a good tool could have been bought for a small amount of money.
I will be completely honest with you. I do think of myself as an amateur chef, and occasionally I also make salad dressings, marinades, dipping sauces, what do you do from scratch. This is a great tool. But the real reason I bought this bottle is because I really like chocolate milk, and the things pre-made in cartons from the grocery store can’t compare to the Nestlé Quik that I liked when I was a kid.

But as we all know, making Nestlé Quik with glasses and spoons will never achieve the results you want. Either you spend 15 minutes mixing the protein bottle shaker until your fingers cramp, or you just let the protein bottle shaker mix completely, and then you must drink the protein bottle shaker very quickly before the unmixed mixture starts to sink to the bottom. This little baby is not like this. Pour Quik and milk into the bottle, turn off and let the protein bottle shaker stir for about 30 seconds, you will get a cool and delicious Quik that stays mixed (not that I drink quickly).
Then you only need to shake a little detergent and hot water in it, and the protein bottle shaker is easy to clean and ready for the next chocolate craving.
Okay. You can use protein bottle shaker to make your gourmet sauce or anything else. But we all know what you really want to do with protein shaker electric.