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I have been using a regular metal protein shaker without a protein shaker bottle to mix my protein shakes. I used to clump in those and sometimes the powder gets stuck where the sides and bottom meet. I doubt it would be helpful to put a small plastic piece like a whisk in there, but low, behold, I can drink all my protein now! That stupid little plastic piece did a miracle.
Put the appropriate water in the metal protein shaker, put the protein powder in, and press the button. When the protein shaker bottles came out after 30 seconds, they were beautiful and smooth without lumps.

Cleaning up is also very simple. We wash everything here by hand, but it only takes a few seconds to rinse off. I didn’t stick anything, the protein shaker bottles were washed off immediately! This is a must-have for protein shakes.
This protein shaker bottle is my daily driver. The protein shaker bottles are perfect for my cup holder, but can still hold the large amino energy I use every morning [2 scoops of oranges, 2 scoops of watermelon-tastes like some kind of tropical nectar-wow! ] And, well, because I was superfluous and collected all the black and inlaid things, I took out the lid and added a straw. Plan to get blue, red and pink in the next step, and then do the same thing-maybe add some vinyl! -Give protein shaker bottles to my 2 little softball girls. Well-made cups. highly recommended. Add a straw for more fun.