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The protein bottle shaker I bought before was great, especially because the custom protein shaker did not leak, so I can put the custom protein shaker down when needed. The only reason I bought the second one was because I recently dropped the first one on the ground. So I want one like me. The custom protein shaker is just a different color. As for mixing, the ball is very good at doing this, although I don’t use a custom protein shaker often. But during the trip, yes, the custom protein shaker worked well. The custom protein shaker is well sealed and will not fail even if it is filled with very hot water; I also like that part. If there is any problem with this one, I will buy another one; the same size of the same brand.

I seem to have a habit of losing shakers, and I have always liked the VoltrxBottle brand. I bought cheaper alternatives elsewhere, but the situation is different. I would rather pay a little more, but I will get a product with good quality control. I also noticed that some other brands of shake flasks leave residues in the screw caps. These shake flasks will also leave some residue, but the custom protein shaker is easier to clean than some of the others I have used. You don’t need any better vibrating screen. The custom protein shaker does not have a strange smell. The custom protein shaker has a leak-proof lid with a satisfying pop-up sound that can be opened to refuse accidental opening of the lid. Even the cheapest protein powder will not have the nauseating clumps that everyone hates. The custom protein shaker is also very easy to clean! When I need more protein, I use a custom protein shaker as a daily-use water bottle and an all-day protein bottle shaker. I bought mine for about 30 dollars, because the color I bought is cheaper, and the color is not bad at all!