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  Weight loss has a lot of people is successful, but soon after the growth of a lot of fat, usually people call this phenomenon rebound, that we lose weight successfully should be how to maintain to not nag easy to rebound?

  How to maintain after successful weight loss from two aspects.

  First, a good lifestyle and diet is to prevent the “re-fat” guarantee.

  1, after successful weight loss three meals a day must be regular and quantitative, do not overeat.

  2, drink more water, it is best to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day, or eat soup and more fruits and vegetables when eating, to replenish water and nutrition, are conducive to the maintenance of the body.

  3, control appetite, after successful weight loss should learn to resist the temptation of meat, it is not that you can not eat meat, eat as little as possible, especially at night before bed must not eat snacks, should eat more low-fat food.

  4, food diversity, although it is said that fat will make people fat, but fat is also an important nutrition for the human body, eat more food that can help the body’s metabolism, such as eggs, water and so on.

  Second, the body fat rate of 15% or less, hoping to maintain the body shape of bodybuilding enthusiasts, it is recommended to arrange appropriate exercise every day.

  1, avoid sedentary, sedentary will not only lead to a larger buttocks, but also directly affect the body shape, and sedentary is completely a negative state, because sitting all day can not consume any calories, so that the successful weight loss is very easy to rebound.

  2, adult men need about 1500-2000 calories a day to maintain normal functioning, so we men have to aim for this every day, then your weight loss plan is half successful Oh!

  The above is to focus on two aspects of the analysis of how to maintain a better body after weight loss, you can see that it all has to start with diet and exercise, in fact, usually we just need to maintain a good diet and the right amount of exercise can easily maintain the body.